Do You struggle with... Imposter Syndrome Procrastination Work/Life Balance

Then this 5 day FREE on-line Workshop is for you!  Starting on the 16th August.

Your Mindset is a huge part of your business.  Without it you can find yourself struggling daily, and not putting your full commitment and energy into your business. 

You are not alone, so many photographers and creatives suffer from this.  Every day I chat to photographers who find the above a big issue with moving forward, but yet the training for this in our industry is limited and I want to change that.  Starting with YOU!

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Mindset Mini Workshop Starting on the 16th August.

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How the workshop works..

The Live sessions will be on Zoom at 7:30pm every evening (except Tuesday).  The zoom session will last around an hour and you will have tasks to complete each day.

There is a Facebook Group just for you all who are interested in Successful Mindset – the link of the group will be in your confirmation e-mail.

All live Videos will be recorded and you will be able to watch them at a a later date.